“A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate paining,” psychologist Abraham Maslow is credited with having said. In my hierarchy of food needs, soup is at the very top. Many people may say that autumn and winter are soup season, but, in my opinion, every day is suitable for soup. From cool, fruit-based soups in the summer, to think winter stews, soup is always in season in our house.

Soup is also quiet easy and rarely needs much attention past the peeling and chopping. It is the perfect meal for busy weekday nights. And busy is an understatement for what we have been the past few weeks while this blog has been silent. As a result, our evenings have been filled with vegetable-packed chunky soups – toss in a few coordinating vegetables, add in some pasta or rice, sprinkle in some work-well-together spices, boil, tuck in a lot of greens while the Frenchman isn’t looking, and serve with grated cheese.

This week, though, we are (somewhat) less time pressed and back to our more “gourmet” soups who shine as first courses instead of one-pot meals. The soups we have chosen are seasonal and packed with the best veggies from Tuesday’s farmers’ market. Tonight we’ll be having this carrot and orange soup with a second course of sweet potatoes, swiss chard*, and feta. *Substituting colorful ruculoa as I made it to the market too late to pick up any swiss chard. Wednesday has another creative soup on the menu with this beet, fennel, and kefir soup that we’ll pair with some leftover chicken and wild spinach from today’s market. Thursday we will have a soup break (or eat leftovers) together with some orange cauliflower flank steak and mushrooms. And, finally, Friday we’ll see a reprise of one of our favorites from the last few weeks, this spectacular garlic soup, which incorporates three entire heads of roasted garlic and which we devoured in a single sitting last time.

For lunches, we’ll be having this kale salad multiple times as well as quick sandwiches from the ham leg the Frenchman received for his birthday and which we have been carving away on each day and seasonal fruits, such as apples, pineapples, persimmons, and oranges.

At the market, kale and potatoes are beginning to take center stage with the vegetable sellers while the fruit vendors continue to push pineapples, oranges, pomegranates, and persimmons. The best deal I saw today was 85 mandarins for 5 euros. That’s enough citrus to feed a family for weeks! My best find was a huge head of kale for 1.50 euros, and I look forward to using it all week in our fresh kale and apple salads.

What fresh, seasonal produce is on your menu for the week?



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