The time we bought sausage

Since we, like everyone else in the area, shop primarily at the twice-weekly market, I thought it might be interesting to share our market purchases as the availability of the produce changes. Here is last Saturday’s farmers’ market haul.

This week we spent 19 euros on sausage for the Frenchman who needed his Italian sausage fix. He’s agreed to eat it slowly instead of devouring it like the last time.
10:18On the menu this week (Saturday – Monday) is:- An experiment in oven-less cooking with a modified version of this butternut lasagne recipe –

– A way to make the green food-hating husband eat his sprouts with this beer-soaked breakfast hash recipe –

– A Thai chicken soup to help stave off the colds we are developing –—qfs-herbs-and-spices

– Poireaux Vinaigrette with fresh, organic hard-boiled or deviled eggs for an easy and light weekday lunch –

– This sage, cauliflower, and almond risotto for the rice and cauliflower-loving Frenchie –



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